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Learn to Drive on Faster Roads – Dual Carriageways & Slip Roads | 8 TiPS

In this video I share 8 top tips for beginner drivers who are learning to drive on faster roads which will include driving on dual and single carriageways, slip roads and much more. My 8 top tips are in the following order; 1) Slip roads and looking early – adjusting speed to suit that of the moving traffic on the carriageway. 2) Anticipation – don’t be in the wrong place at the right time. 3) Timing – when to move back to the normal driving lane after overtaking. 4) Having a sideways glance – how and why we should consider a sideways glance before changing lanes. 5) Justify your lane choice – ALWAYS! 6) Forward Planning – be one step ahead of the rest. 7) Escape route – what’s this and how can it make driving safer? 8) Fast approach to a roundabout at 70mph