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Our approach to learning to drive takes into account how you prefer to learn. This is because if you are someone who likes time to reflect on your learning and are forced to move on to the next thing too quickly it could slow down your overall progress. At the same time, if you are a fast learner, you’re likely to become frustrated if you aren’t being pushed on in line with your abilities and confidence level. This is where we come in, encouraging our learners to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage, where appropriate, being therefore likely to retain the skills, knowledge and attitude needed beyond passing the driving test.

Our work is backed by hundreds of local learner reviews as well as our money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you’re not completely satisfied with our driving lessons.

Ever Heard The Phrase “buy cheap, pay twice”?

Some driving schools are predominately test orientated which works very well with the right kind of learner and could be just what you’re looking for. It can however, have very mixed results depending on what type of person you are. It’s important to remember that the driving test is looking for a minimum standard and is the reason many new drivers are scratching their heads when  first on their own after passing a driving test. It is therefore crucially important to consider what type of  learner you are?

  • manual or auto?
  • do you learn quickly?
  • do you have experience?
  • are you confident at learning new skills that involve responsibility?
  • what time frame do you have?
  • is it realistic for your abilities?
  • what’s your budget per week?
  • are you around other drivers frequently?
  • have you got a car to practice with outside of lessons?

Such questions will help you work out what kind of driving help you require and what service (if any) you’re looking for in the driver training industry. Remember there is no obligation to learn with a driving instructor nor to have dual pedals. Do you just want someone to get you through as quickly as possible? Or will you need someone to guide you through the process in a structured manner, helping you understand each element and ‘why’? We work with the latter. Please perform due diligence in order to save time and money in the long run when choosing a driving school, lessons or instructors. Get a feel for a driving school by;

  • asking yourself, what overall message does their website send to you and does it fit with your needs/ethics?
  • does this cross reference to their social platforms with customer reviews and again what’s the overall feel?
  • are things up to date?
  • personal recommendations
  • upon contact- phone/email, does everything fit together regarding your needs with learning to drive?

Our responsibility at Go2 Driving School under our money back guarantee is to ensure you’ve got the skills, knowledge, attitude and confidence to get a first time pass. More importantly to us is that you’re able to drive completely independently as part of our service. We take pride in our lessons and do not attempt to compete with cheap lessons and deals. Prices can reflect the level of dedication, commitment and expertise of driving instructors. Our reviews support that we’re able to deliver some the best driving lessons in Derby with many local learners transferring to our driving school due to their experience elsewhere and had seen our work on the Go2 YouTube channel. There are hundreds of hours of free content with over 200 learning to drive videos and tutorials.

Here’s a playlist to help with preparation for taking the driving test at the Derby driving test centre. We offer this type of training as well as mock tests.

When learning to drive it is important to use a syllabus of some kind to help ensure that you have all the information you need in most usual situations to ensure your readiness to take your driving test. A good instructor usually means good communication, sharing conversation with learners about their eventual test for example.

Downloading the driver’s record for learner drivers will give you an idea of a driving syllabus and help you identify what you haven’t yet covered.

We aim for you to be able to cope with challenging driving situations/scenarios independently before taking a test. The test will look for a minimum standard of driving for 40 minutes with no serious or dangerous faults. It is not looking for a perfect driver. Sometimes a mock driving test is carried out by our instructors to establish whether the learner should sit a test or not.

Hundreds of Local Learners Have Passed With Go2 Driving School

Praising our approach to their learning… See more 150+ Customer reviews on our Google page and Facebook page where more success stories can be found.

Nothing beats experience-learners who take private driving practice in their own or someone else’s car can usually do so from around 70p per day. This works very well alongside driving lessons if in keeping with known areas of competence. For this you will have a lesson progress record. You can download a form here as an example to record any practice you do without your driving instructor. It’s not compulsory to learn with an instructor. You don’t have to have dual pedals and you can learn in your own car with friends or family if you’ve the correct learner driver insurance the person who sits in with you meets the legal requirements (Admiralty jurisdiction). Visit our shop for recommended learner insurers and further info.

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