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Refresher Driving Lessons in Derby from Go2 Driving School

Are you feeling nervous about driving in Derby?

Which scenarios make you feel nervous?

How do you cope with challenging scenarios?

What is a refresher driving lesson?

Refresher driving lessons are the perfect opportunity to modernise your skills and rebuild your confidence when driving in Derby. Update yourself with the latest rules, regulations and general driving practices and principles. An initial consultation upon meeting with your driving instructor will be necessary in order to establish your main areas of concern. The session is then tailored to you to enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence resulting in a  better  performance when driving.


There are many reasons why you might feel nervous about driving. For example:

  • You may have learned to drive a long time ago but not driven for a number of years. You might have lost the confidence to return to driving after such a long gap.
  • You might be putting too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect driver and worry about errors you make.
  • Maybe you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision or near-miss, or have been convicted of a traffic offence, and are now questioning your own driving abilities.
  •  Going through a stressful time in your life such as changes to your financial or domestic situation, and this may be affecting how you feel.. Feelings such as these can be a real distraction when driving.
  • Have you lost confidence in your driving due to being criticised by someone.
  • Recently passed your driving test in Derby and feel that your skills are not sufficient to cope with certain situations. Many driving schools only teach to pass the driving test with little regard to real life driving.
  • Are there too many demands on you as a driver. Perhaps you are noticing the effects of aging, such as slower reaction times or now have a medical condition or physical condition – such as diabetes or arthritis that is affecting your confidence when driving.
  • You may have recently become a parent for the first time. Extra responsibility may have caused you to feel nervous about driving with the baby in the car.

If any of the above sound familiar, we will aim to give you a number of tools and techniques that will help you to enjoy your driving life again.

Refresher driving lessons

When you feel anxious, physiological changes take place in the brain and body. These can have a big effect on your driving. The kind of personality we have can determine how we respond to stress.


General strategies for a less stressful drive:

  • Choose a route with fewer demands on you such as roads you are familiar with.
  • Allow more time for the journey.
  • Avoid busy times where possible.
  • Avoid driving in bad weather.
  • Focus on the task of driving. Try not to be distracted by your worries or concerns.
  • Reduce your mental work load by reducing your speed. The faster you’re travelling the more information you need to process
  • Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone. Switch it off before starting driving.
  • Find a quiet place at a suitable time of a day to practice manoeuvres that cause you stress, such as turning in the road in tight streets or parallel parking.
  • Find an approved driving instructor in Derby (ADI) and ask for some additional training to top up your driving skills and knowledge.



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