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Motorway Driving Lessons Derby from Go2 Driving School Derby

The maximum speed limit on a UK motorway is 70mph. However, let’s be honest, this speed limit is regularly exceeded. With the type of speeds that are reached on a motorway, it is essential that you are anticipating what is happening far ahead of your vehicle as well as keeping up to date and using methods to try and limit risk from behind. Due to the amount of speed that is involved, it’s crucial that safe following distances are maintained meaning that in an emergency you will have time to react.

It is currently illegal to drive on a motorway in the UK unless you hold a Full UK driving licence. It is often the case that newly qualified drivers lack in confidence when using a motorway for the first time as the only experience they can relate to is their use of national speed limit dual carriageways – the dangerous part is that some driving instructors don’t incorporate this extensively enough into their driving lessons and new drivers aren’t self-sufficient enough in this area to keep themselves safe. Some manage to piece it together in time, others aren’t so lucky.

We dispell the myth that motorways are scary and dangerous places by offering bespoke training in all aspects of motorway driving, starting with the parts that concern you most.

Our training is unique and is focused on your needs and goals. We will aim to provide you with the latest advice and information on how to drive safely and confidently on UK motorways, starting with the parts that concern you most. We’ll also make sure you know how to tackle difficult driving and weather conditions and what to do if you break down or are involved in an incident.

Is there a family member or friend who you feel may benefit from a little help on the motorways in Derby – are you sometimes a little concerned for their safety or fear they lack skill and understanding? We all know that people are generally too proud to ask for help.

Motorway driving lessons can be purchased gifts if you wish. Once purchased, gift vouchers can be sent to you or someone else.

A 2-hour motorway driving lesson costs £74.

To get confident on motorways, please purchase driving lessons online, then let us know that you’d like motorway driving lessons when you book. Alternatively, you can call us on 01332 492 302.

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