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Driving Lessons Derby

A common misconception is that all Driving Lessons in Derby are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they will differ considerably in the way they are delivered and the amount of benefit/value you will gain from them.

The standard of driving lessons and service throughout the driver trainer industry is not as high as it should be, and for this reason the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (the body who conduct your driving test and those that are responsible for overseeing the industry) have now introduced a “standards check” that all driving instructors must undertake periodically. Depending on their performance, driving instructors will be graded A, B or fail – Latest statistics (Oct- Dec 2015) published by the DVSA show that out of the 40,000 instructors on the register, only 29% managed to attain a grade A (top grade).

This generally means that all driving instructors will now have to complete extra training to maintain or improve standards.

At Go2 Driving School we take continued professional development very seriously and keep up to date with all of the latest teaching practices, principles and techniques – this is crucial to us if we’re to continue to provide some of the best driving lessons in Derby

Many people will search for the cheapest driving lessons only to find that there is nearly always a hidden cost when buying “cheap”.

It is worth considering why some driving lessons in Derby are so cheap? Is there still enough profit there to motivate the driving instructor? Are they still as likely to put 110% into their job resulting in you receiving a better overall service which will probably save you money in the long run and reduce the learning period? A common and seemingly true saying would be “buy cheap, buy twice.” It is common place for driving schools in Derby that are struggling to slash prices and advertise cheap driving lessons and unsustainable deals rather than improve the standard of their driving tuiton. Many students wrongly assume that all driving lessons are the same and choose solely on price.

At Go2 Driving School, we’re sometimes amazed at how many times the first question we are asked involves driving lesson prices instead of the learning experience and service that can be expected. Learner drivers rarely if ever enquire as to whether their allocated driving Instructor is even qualified or still working as a trainee.

Around one third of all enquires that we receive are those that are looking to transfer driving instructors or driving schools. This can be for a number of different of reasons and is a sad reflection on the driver training industry where by around 30% of learner drivers decide to change their driving instructors before reaching their practical driving test.

Go2 Driving School’s advice on how to evaluate whether you are getting the most benefit from every driving lesson:

Driving lessons should begin with an interactive recap to help get your mind thinking back to what areas were covered on the previous lesson. This will establish where you are with your learning and uncover any issues that may influence the driving session.

To follow this, there should be a discussion as to which topics you’d like to cover and use of strategic Q & A by your driving instructor to establish your theory based knowledge of the subject that is to be covered.

A risk assessment should then be discussed as to who will take responsibility for what actions: For example – is your instructor going to talk you through the whole of the subject or are you going to share the responsibility for your actions and have your instructor coach you with well guided questions. We believe that it’s extremely important for the instructor and pupil to understand this to avoid over or under instruction. Under instruction can be dangerous for you and other around you and over instruction is unnecessary and can affect concentration.

After you have practiced for a short while, a brief stop at a safe place is is normally in order to evaluate what has been learnt before deciding on the next phase of your driving lesson. You may both agree that further practice would be beneficial or perhaps a better plan would be to move on to the next stage and attempt a period of independent driving.

It is absolutely crucial that you are ALWAYS involved in the planning process of the driving lesson to gain the maximum benefit and best value for your money.

There are still a lot of driving instructors in Derby who aren’t adapting this type of client centred learning. Many are yet to take the up-to-date training required and this is often reflected in the price they will charge for their driving lessons.

We are very keen to explore your circumstances and will discuss your availability regarding taking regular driving lessons as continuity is crucial in order to speed up your learning process. We’ll also discuss any previous experience that you may have or whether you are a complete beginner in order to suggest the best plan possible going forwards.

We suggest that you do as much research as possible before deciding who you will trust with your tuition. More people are now turning to customer reviews to get an independent and unbiased view of the services and tuition on offer.

Go2 Driving School offer driving lessons in Derby using fully qualified driving instructors.

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