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what it is really like working as a driving instructor?



Below are some FAQ’S related to driving instructor training. My free book and YouTube channel will also help with your ongoing research…

Life as a driving instructor 

This type of self employment gives you the opportunity to really be your own boss, work the hours that you choose and be rewarded for your efforts. Helping a novice gain the necessary skills to become a full licence holder is very rewarding and gives job satisfaction.

The freedom to make your own choices

You’re able to take holidays whenever you choose and should you decide to take a day off it’s entirely up to you. In this industry you can have the best of both worlds as franchised instructors have the freedom to make their own decisions while receiving the full backing and support of Go2 Driving School.

The amount you can earn will depend on the hours you choose to work. Our core lesson price is £32 per hour – a healthy hourly rate that means you’re able to work less and earn more!

Imagine a new flexible career & lifestyle working as an instructor

There is one thing that is for sure, choosing the days and amount hours you want to work is something most people could only dream of. Becoming a driving instructor was one of the best life decisions I ever made. Giving me the best of everything such as work life balance, job satisfaction and financial stability. Importantly for me, was the ability to have the family and social life that I had always dreamed of.

My Book: ‘what it is really like working as a driving instructor’

Is to help give you an insight into exactly what working as an instructor is really like. There’s very little independent information out there available for research and so have tried to include the information in an unbiased way that will help you explore the options available to you both for choosing your instructor training provider and working as a driving instructor once fully qualified.

Check you are eligible for this role at Gov.uk

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How much money does a driving instructor make?

Here’s an example of our instructors typical earnings for doing a minimal 4.4 hours a day, Mon- Fri, under our current pricing system (based on a Go2 Driving School franchise before tax).

22 hours tuition at £30 p/h equates to: £660 weekly, £2,640 monthly and £31,680 yearly.  After the expenses shown below, this equates to £1,739 monthly and an annual figure of £20,868. This is very rewarding for working 4.4 hours per day for 5 days a week at your chosen day and time.

The examples here are not minus self-employment tax which would be 20% off of the annual figures above. NOTE: You do not pay any tax on earnings up to £12,500.

This 22 hour working week example has been worked out at our lowest rate as a worst case scenario that shows what you really can achieve in terms of a work/lifestyle balance. Roughly two thirds of our learners usually pay as they go at the higher rate of £32 p/h as they haven’t got big chunks of money readily available.

What are the main business costs for a driving instructor?

  • vehicle insurance per month: £50
  • Fuel per month: £200
  • Contract hire on tuition vehicle per month: £295
  • Franchise: £356 per month

Total: £901 p/m / £10,812 yearly. Bare in mind the above business costs are approximates except from our franchise fee which is £89 p/w.

Will I get enough work as a driving instructor?

There’s a growing demand for driving instructors nationally and has never been a better time to make this career change. In Derby there seems to be more learners than what the current number of instructors can handle. We experience this on a daily basis dealing with our enquiries and is very apparent here in Derby.

Are there any extra hidden costs when training to become a driving instructor?

  • part one exam (£81)
  • part two exam (£111)
  • part three exam (£111)
  • hourly rate for instructors car (if using)

You must pay again if you fail and are allowed three attempts at each exam. Passing part one starts a two year timer in which to complete the qualification process.

  • optional trainee licence  (£140)
  • you’ll need a suitable vehicle fitted with dual controls (£300-£500) depending on if you take up the trainee licence route
  • you may require additional training on top of your course fee to help see you through qualification (trainers hourly rate will apply)
  • ADI registration  at point of qualification (£300- lasts 4 years)

Can you earn whilst training to become a driving instructor?

A trainee licence means you can charge for lessons to cover the cost of things like your insurance and vehicle costs.

  • helps you get experience instructing pupils to drive so you can prepare for the ADI part 3 test
  • lasts for 6 months
  • you must have passed part 1 and 2 and done at least 40 hours of training from a qualified ADI

Working as a driving instructor is a brilliant job…


The truth is that you can earn good money and live an amazing lifestyle but don’t expect it to be easy

How much does driving instructor training cost?

Prices vary across the UK from £800- £4000 with different packages to suit different pdi’s. Be wise to cheap deals. Try to pick a reputable local driving school that you know you can trust. Meet up with the manager or owner and trainer.

How do I choose a driving school for instructor training?

Start researching all local driving schools. Check their learner reviews and where they rank on search engines. This will give you an idea as to whether it’s likely that they can they get you enough work once passed. A driving school can only do this through their enquiries so if the aren’t ranking well or have no online presence, it should set alarm bells ringing. Also, how much are their learner lessons? Do they offer any special offers for learners that will later affect your earnings? How much is the franchise fee? Is there a contract and who provides a car? If you want to set up in a new career and make it a success, this is the true picture that you should be aware of as very few newly qualified ADI’s will have the resources to go independent.

The Go2 instructor training course:

  • costs £1999
  • a minimum of 50 hours in car training
  • only one to one tuition
  • must be completed within a 12 month period

We’ve a guaranteed position for the right candidate…

Get started check suitability and course availability with us

What we’re looking for in an instructor

  • someone who enjoys driving
  • is confident in themselves and their driving abilities
  • isn’t nervous in certain driving scenarios
  • responds well to constructive feedback and wants to improve
  • who is looking to work with our driving school well into the future
  • can relate well and is tactful in their approach to new learners
  • can communicate clearly and respectfully to customers
  • who see’s that teaching only to pass a test is the wrong approach

With so many deals out there, why should I choose Go2 Driving School?

There is no other driving school or instructor training establishment in Derby that can offer what we do as a full package, from enrolling onto our course all the way to working with us after qualification:

  1. Local presence backed by a strong online reputation (please research).
  2. 34k subscribes on YouTube – showing face, (Matt- trainer) of school and ethics.
  3. Competitive course price. earn on the job.
  4. The best hourly rate around, no silly deals.
  5. We book in your customers in and input to a shared diary while you sit back, enjoying the life you signed up for.

Did you know, you can…

  • Arrange a call to discuss suitability
  • book a taster session (the price of 1 hr lesson) to see if you gel with your trainer.
  • Download my free book
  • train as an instructor with Go2 for £1.999
  • earn while you are training
  • work around your current job
  • earn £32 per hour
  • when qualified, choose the areas, days and times you want to work – we do the rest

It’s quite right that you don’t rush in to anything without researching it first. I’m happy to;

  • meet up in person for a taster session and discuss your suitability for the role and get some experience
  • arrange to speak to you on 01332 492302 to answer any questions
  • respond to your enquiry via email

I’d be delighted to able to answer your questions in depth and help you reach an informed decision.

Best regards,

Matthew Durrant (driving school owner)