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Many of the national training companies have tarnished this industry with long term and strict legal contracts and ‘special’ offers that hurt the driving instructor

The problem for the majority of those starting out as a pdi looking to find driving instructor training is that they will not know the difference between good and poor quality training. It’s important that you are not just being taught to pass a test and being shown how to teach real driving, real teaching, lesson planning, route planing, risk management and so forth.

Why Choose Go2 Driving School for training to become a driving instructor in Derby ?

Training held with same trainer every session – guaranteed one to one training…

This is a huge benefit as you build rapport with your trainer is more likely to see your qualification as a personal crusade as they have full responsibility for your progress. You will be seen as a valued member of our team and seen as a real person, rather than just another number.

With a local school, training sessions are likely to be more readily available. This in combination with the one to one, personal training, should ensure that your time is not diluted.

Being familiar within your own local training areas and those that surround your local driving test centre is crucial for route planning and working towards your part three test.

We’ll will show you where to take your new learner drivers upon taking out the trainee teaching licence (pink badge) and once qualified. This is important and makes those first few days out with learners a little less nerve wracking.


Once Qualified

Benefit from extensive personal development on an individual basis. Most driving schools will take your franchise fee each month without offering you any type of development training, a sure fire recipe for disaster. Personal development is key to your success in this industry.

We use the very latest marketing techniques and make full use of social media to connect with our future customers. We have more enquires than we can actually service.

We offer a non contract franchise. This is the best way to go because ifyou feel that you aren’t being supplied with a sufficient amount of new pupils, you have the option to leave and choose an alternative driving school

Pre-pay scheme which will ensure instructors receive their money up front plus four weeks franchise free per year and a loyalty bonus for staying with us for over two years.

We have an excellent local reputation that you will benefit from. See our customer reviews on Google,

I am very proud to say that our hourly rate for learner drivers is far more than most of our local competitors and works massively to our advantage. It filters out any time wasters and allows us to work with keen and enthusiastic people.

No intro deals. It is completely unnecessary in the current economic climate to give away expert tuition for what feels like next to nothing.

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