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Why Choose Go2 Driving School?



Don’t get suckered in to a cheap deal…


Become a driving instructor with us, work less and earn more!

“Working as a driving instructor isn’t easy but offers a great lifestyle and perks, especially if you pick the right school…” – Matt Durrant (owner & trainer)

The problem for the majority of those starting out as a pdi looking to find driving instructor training is that they will not know the difference between good and poor quality training and can be mislead by enticing deals. There’s pro’s and con’s between choosing a local driving school or going with a well known national school.

Download My free book (below) and watch our lessons on YouTube where you can watch real lessons will also help with your ongoing research.

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My Book: ‘what it is really like working as a driving instructor’

Is to help give you an insight into exactly what working as an instructor is really like. There’s very little independent information out there available for research and so have tried to include the information in an unbiased way that will help you explore the options available to you both for choosing your instructor training provider and working as a driving instructor once fully qualified.

Check you are eligible for this role at Gov.uk


One to one training

is a huge benefit. Build rapport with your trainer and be seen as a valued member of our team, as a real person, rather than just another number.

Regular training sessions

Likely to be more readily available. This in combination with the one to one, personal training, should ensure that your time is not diluted.

Training locally

Being familiar within your own local training areas and those that surround your local driving test centre is crucial for route planning and working towards your final exam. It’s important that you are not just being taught to pass a test and that it all relates to learning about lesson planning, altering lessons to meet students needs- linked to route planning, risk management, business practice and so forth. Our local trainer is on hand to give you 24/7 support

Helping you practice and prepare

We’ll help find your learner drivers to practice with before taking the final exam -FREE of charge. We’ll even show you where to take your new learner driver/s. We’ll spend the time with you to help you plan out your first lesson. This is important and makes those first few days out with learners a little less nerve wracking.

What we’re looking for in a Go2 instructor

  • someone who enjoys driving
  • is confident in themselves and their driving abilities
  • isn’t nervous in certain driving scenarios
  • responds well to constructive feedback and wants to improve
  • who is looking to work with our driving school well into the future
  • can relate well and is tactful in their approach to younger learners
  • can communicate clearly and respectfully to customers
  • who agrees that teaching only to pass a test is the wrong approach
  • who we can trust with our reputation

With so many deals out there, why should I choose Go2 Driving School?

There is no other driving school or instructor training establishment in Derby that can offer what we do as a full package, from enrolling onto our course all the way to working with us after qualification:

  1. Local presence backed by a strong online reputation (please research).
  2. 34k subscribes on YouTube – showing face, (Matt- trainer) of company and ethics.
  3. Competitive course price. earn on the job.
  4. one of the best hourly rates around, no silly deals.
  5. We book in your customers in and input to a shared diary while you sit back, enjoying the life you signed up for.

If you’d like to take things a step further I’m happy to respond to your enquiry via email. I’d be delighted to able to answer your questions in depth and help you reach an informed decision.

Best regards,

Matthew Durrant (driving school owner and instructor trainer)

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